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Our Cause

Hacking has always been on the rise, and as we become a race that is ever dependent on our mobile devices, server networks and computerized infrastructure we need more than ever a way to secure that traffic from compromise, while not compromising on the value of that traffic.

What makes our firewall better than everyone else...

Custom Hardware

Designing and configuring the hardware gives our team the flexibility to overcome the restrictions of "standardized" parts. Offering the highest level of throughput, fastest inspection and processing times and a level of security that lets you sleep at night.

Custom Software

We have formed one of the most knowledgeable development teams with years of experience coding and hacking. If you want to stop a thief you have to think like a thief. By those words we have built a reliable platform to protect your data from the wrong hands.

Unified Solution

Combining state-of-the-art hardware builds with the most advanced platform and modularity gives you and your business the highest level of security afforded in this technological era.

  • Enterprise to Small Business

    Network security is vital to large and small business alike. The data stored within the virtual space of a server or workstation essentially is your business.

    The loss or or corruption of this data could completely shut your business down causing loss of time and money. That is why a hardware based firewall is necessary.

    The Aragon Project is driven to protect this vital data so that your business continues to operate without interruption.

  • Customer Data

    Most hackers are targeting your customers data, in an effort to obtain their credit card information, home address, name and any other information that can be used to profit from on the black market.

    If this information is stolen from your network you become responsible for that loss.

    This is the primary reason for you to have the best possible firewall protection and security protocols in place to protect you and your customers.

Over 10 Million people have had their information hacked from a third party.Don't be just another statistic!

  • Neiman Marcus

    Luxury retailer Neiman Marcus announced today that customers' credit card data may have been stolen in a hack similar to the Target security breach that affected millions.

    Target Hack

    The biggest retail hack in U.S. history wasn’t particularly inventive, nor did it appear destined for success. In the days prior to Thanksgiving 2013, someone installed malware in Target’s (TGT) security and payments system designed to steal every credit card used at the company’s 1,797 U.S. stores

    Home Depot

    On Sept. 8, we confirmed that our payment data systems were breached, which could potentially impact customers who used a payment card at our U.S. and Canadian stores in 2014, from April to September.

To be the best company you have to hire the best team,
Meet the experts of the Aragon Project...

  • Team Member

    James Larsen II

    Software/Hardware Developer, and
    Security Expert

    Team Member

    Trey Westmoreland

    Software Developer
    VPN Specialist

    Team Member

    Alec Screen

    Programmer and
    GUI Designer

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